The Art of Meaningful Coincidence

If three people sat in a field together, and stared up at a great oak tree, with only blue sky and green grass to contrast it, the tree individuals will see different images, they will hear different sounds, feel different textures, and think different thoughts. One person may be able to compose the sound of […]

Love Desire Passion God

Love seems to be the most primal, reliable, basic human instinct. Yet it’s parameters and nature is heavily debated. Widely defined, it is arguably the most understood misunderstood human phenomenon. To make things simple, lets just say that love is the instinct of joining. In that, all relationship dynamics are born out of the desire […]

Anima Mundi Daemons

Anima Mundi means “world soul” in Greek and can be referred to the intrinsic interconnected nature of our world and our reality, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Spiritually can almost be considered the merging of mental and physical that transcends both, or referring to the feeling of awe and wonder we feel at something that […]

Science of Energy Medicine

The mysterious magical quality of energy healing has been unveiled, and it’s mechanism more obvious than you might think. Energy medicine includes reiki, polarity therapy, healing touch, acupuncture, homeopathy, sound therapy, color therapy and crystal therapy amongst others. On an important note, a great deal of the misunderstanding with energy medicine, resides in the long […]

Order Chaos Illusion

The word chaos comes from the greek work “Khaos”, the greek pantheons first primordial god. He embodies the void through which all life manifested. Khaos is said to mate with Chronos (time) to give birth to tartarus (the abyss and underworld), gaia (earth), eros (desire), and nyx (night). The word order can be traced back […]