Anima Mundi Daemons


Anima Mundi means “world soul” in Greek and can be referred to the intrinsic interconnected nature of our world and our reality, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Spiritually can almost be considered the merging of mental and physical that transcends both, or referring to the feeling of awe and wonder we feel at something that is simply unknown.

Daimons refer to the mysterious entities that seem to act as a mirror for us, who exist and do not exist, who are a manifestation of our psyche, as we are a manifestation of theirs. You can find them in faerie tales, and UFO encounters. They are the sexless angels and Virgin Mary’s in the vision of the saint. They are the spirit guides who penetrate the soul of the shaman.

To those who have not had a daimonic encounter, this is not a phenomenon that bears evidence, only personal accounts, and sometimes physical artifacts. Daimonic encounters are cross cultural, and can often be location and time based. For example many daimons appear at twilight or late at night. Faeries often appear near streams or in certain species of trees, while UFO’s and “the grays” often appear near earthquake fault lines or power lines.

In Ireland they’re called faeries, elves amongst the Anglo Saxons, trolls amongst the Scandinavian’s. They may wear green suits or anachronistic clothing, the “little people” in the folklore of the Inuk wore fur pants, shoes, and coats much like the Eskimos did. In 1835, on a rural path in southern Ireland, a man found a black shoe, 3 inches long, worn at the heal, and in a make fashionable in the previous century. The shoe was eventually given to scientists at Harvard University, who determined it was hand stitched and made from mouse skin. A fully lined coat 6 inches long, 3/4ths of an inch across the shoulder, the velvet trimmed collar was greased and shiny, and the pockets had scorch marks as if from a tiny pipe.

Faeries have been apt to give gifts as well as steal people’s processions. In some reported cases the faeries gave gold and tell the receiver not to look at it until they got home, they looked prematurely and the gold turned to coal or withered leaves. Faeries were also apt to kidnap people, able to delude people’s perceptions, leave them with psychological trauma, or sometimes, people would never be heard from again.

The greatest frequency of reports for UFO and alien sightings is in America, in the last 60 years. Although there are reports dating pre Christ and into the 19th century, they only vaguely resemble modern UFO reports. One report in 74bc in Phrygia, Roman Republic, reported a silvery wine jug shaped vessel in the sky that fell between two opposing armies before they were about to start battle, the incident was reported by both armies. Another incident in 1211 in England witnesses said they saw a ship in the sky that dropped an anchor that got caught in the arch above the church door. A man “fell overboard” and appeared to be swimming in air, when he made his way back onto the ship the ship sailed away, likening the incident to a UFO encounter is murky at best.

While “The Grays” encompass a large amount of the reports, the descriptions of the appearance of aliens and space crafts are very diverse. One report describes very beautiful human looking figures with green zip up suits, who told the witness that the human race needed to care more for the environment. The Grays, to the contrary, seem to lack human emotions, are very detached and scientific, and are prone to perform medical experiments often of a sexual nature. In another story the entities were also performing medical experiments but they had beaks and triangle eyes.

In reports of alien abduction usually the memories are repressed and recovered through hypnosis or some sort of trigger. The closest thing we have to hard evidence is photos of UFO’s and removing “implants” in abductee victims. But rather than finding a uniform device, we are finding a variety of random objects implanted in random parts of the body such as shards of glass or metal or carbon fiber taken from the ears, hands or feet. In reports released by NASA employees and government officials, it is said that aliens exist, and have technology far superior to ours. It can easily be speculated that this is the case, but there’s no hard evidence, along with a probability that military and government officials are being tricked as well.

Aliens have been speculated to come from a distant planet, live in the center of a hollow earth, be humans traveling back in time, and/or comeing from another dimension.

Here are a few similarities to alien and faerie encounters. Both kidnap/abduct people and abductees will often experience a permanent change in their psyche, which can either be positive or negative. With both faerie and alien abductions friends and family will often remark that the person just isn’t the same after the incident, showing cases of insomnia, emotional disturbance, and amnesia. Both faeries and aliens tend to appear as luminous balls of light, both have been reported to shape shift or go through walls, and bend space time, we choose to either attribute these qualities to magic or advanced technology depending on our world view. Both have been reported to appear in highly lucid dreams, and the abduction experience itself is always dream-like.

Most abductions occur either while someone is asleep in bed or driving their car, inferring the occurrence happening during a dream or trance like state. Furthermore, random subjects in a hypnotized state intentionally lead into abduction scenarios told the same stories as “real abductees”, suggesting that alien abduction is more an archetypal psychological phenomenon. That or everyone has been abducted at some point and forgets it happened. But that wouldn’t explain the inconsistencies in abduction stories.

There is a psychological explanation for these experiences, involving Jung’s conception of the collective unconscious and archetypes. The collective unconscious refers to a level of mind bellow the personal unconscious that is shared with the whole species and possibly part of a pattern unveiled in all life. Archetypes can be understood best in their representation in cross cultural myths. The death and re birth of a hero is one such Myth; Jesus died and was resurrected, Dionysus died and was resurrected, Neo from the matrix died and was resurrected. They all performed miracles; it’s a collective unconscious archetype that manifests itself in myth and story. The anima and animus exert themselves subtlety in socially created gender norms and taboos, relationships often birth intimacy merely out of the couple falling in love with their ideal man or woman (anima, animus), rather than the actual person.

These are simple examples of archetypes exerting themselves in reality, and it is not to say that daimons are “merely subjective” or “all in your head”. To the contrary it alludes to a gray area where the entities are “real”, with an independent identity and existence from your own, but they live in humanities collective unconscious. It’s almost like we come into contact with different archetypal manifestations, and we ourselves are an archetypal manifestation. How this archetypal manifestation chooses to communicate with us depends upon what is applicable to us at any particular epoch in time. It’s more like the entities may have a psyche based interdependence on us that neither parties are fully aware of.

The Virgin Mary is not given incredible significance in the bible, and was not emphasized in Christian teachings until integrated by popular demand. This is due to the dense amount of Virgin Mary visions happening in Catholic communities. Often described as beautiful women wearing white and emanating light rays of gold or white, she makes requests such as building a church dedicated to her, or to repent from sinful ways. She has called herself things such as “Lady of the rosary” or “immaculate virgin”.  Usually the Virgin communicates with children. In one incident 30,000 people came to watch a small group of children communicate with the virgin. After the incident, the crowd reports to have seen a luminous ball of light move from east to west before disappearing. The Virgin Mary was integrated into the Catholic Church by popular demand, not scripture. The psychological explanation is simple; the religion lacked a feminine aspect.

Daimons can manifest as animals as well, often with signature glowing red eyes indicating it’s not a normal animal. That, or the animal looks so irresistibly human that a hunter cannot bring himself to shoot it. Large black phantom dogs and cats were spotted by the early European settlers in the Americas; they attempted to hunt the animals for they thought they were “real”. The Natives living in the area considered the notion absurd saying the animals came from the spirit world, and could not be hunted.

Later in his career Jung considered the term collective unconscious to be too dualistic. In that, I mean the idea of the mind and body being separate had lead to delusions about the nature of matter. The idea of having a “subjective perspective” in an “objective world” has lead us to believe the world is entirely physical while mental activity is a near miraculous occurrence of the brain happening to have the right constitution to make consciousness possible at all. Jung’s personal experience with daimons, particularly a spirit guide named Philemon, had lead Jung to conclude that consciousness is in everything, much as the mystics and peoples of yesteryear tend to claim. It’s more our bodies are a filter that processes consciousness in a particular way. Jung later favored a term like Anima Mundi over collective unconscious, the mind of the world was the soul of the world, it was the mental aspect of the world. It may travel through our genes; we may inherit the blue print that creates the organism that holds within it the potential to feel separate yet project and express knowledge that makes itself very much the same. Physical and mental components making each other, are intrinsically a part of each other. And so, the soul of the world speaks to us, we just have to learn the language.

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